Includes 8 Art Nude Courses

Don't miss your chance to grab this bundle of my lastest and greatest courses - 8 programs for less that the price of a single course!

You get instant access to almost 20 hours of high quality art video content that brings you along on a variety of sensual photoshoots. It also includes editing demonstrations, editing presets and sample high resolution images.

The courses are sensual, artistic and erotic. The video and stills includes full nudity and is intended for an adult audience.


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Multiple locations, models and lessons

Universal Photography Principles

The eight courses included in this bundle are my most popular recent releases and they give a comprehensive overview of nude portrait photography techniques.

1920s Hollywood: Create epic, sensual portraits in a stunning location. $297

Kink & Fetish with Steph: Use props, outfits, gels and accessories to create kinky and erotic images. $197

Creative Home Portraits: Creating interesting art nude shots in a real cluttered home is a challenge, and a great learning opportunity! $147

Art Nude POSING Guide: Learn over 200 Creative poses with different body types. Includes video and PDF. $197

Implied Nude Portraiture: Steph and Matt show how to create artistic images, that whilst shot nude, appear implied and suitable for social media. $297

Erotic Hotel Shoot: Recreating my DRTV Challenge - 1 camera + 1 lens, in a cramped hotel room.   $147

Pole Dancer: Join dancer Mel for sensual hotel boudoir shots and an athletic nude dance session. $197

Maleficent Conceptual Shoot: Steph is painted head to toe, then photographed in an ordinary home with dramatic results. $147

20 Hours of Creative Art Nude Portraiture worth $1,626 for only $147!

You will learn how to...

  • Plan effectively

    The best images tend to come from shoots where everyone is clear on the concept and you go into it with a vision for the kind of results you want to create. Of course trial & error and spontaneous changes happen - but being able to plan out your shoot goals will help you realize great images.

  • Identify Locations

    Whether you are in a plain location with 'few options', or an ornate setting with 'too many options', knowing how to identify a great frame to create an engaging portrait can be challenging. Matt shows you how to identify potential shots, create a shot list, and execute it.

  • Direct the model

    It takes skill and confidence to give direction and feedback to your model.

    Matt demonstrates how to interact with the model and direct pose refinements to create the most sensual final images.

  • Create beautiful light

    Should you use natural or available light? Or should you add light to your shot? Do you want it soft and subtle, or dramatic dark shadows?
    Throughout these courses Matt shows you how to identify the available light, consider your options and demonstrates how and why to augment the available light to get dramatic results.

  • Refine your shot

    Every shooting opportunity presents unlimited options. Knowing how to identify alternatives and work through different angles and settings will result in the best final image.

  • Edit Creatively

    The final step to creating a beautiful photograph is editing. Matt shows you the complete process to finalise the image.

    You get access to dozens of sample files as well as editing presets to use in your own workflow.

  • 20 hours of video

    These comprehensive programs goes beyond simple fly on the wall filming. You see the location scouting, shot list creation, establishing timelines, creating consensus - plus all the photography instruction

  • Full photography immersion

    Learn how to create great images fast - even when rushed for time.

    You see the entire shooting process, including editing and my workflow.

  • Bonus Downloads

    The bundle includes dozens of high resolution RAW files and editing presets to work with. You also get PDF guides with links to the equipment used, and the outfits worn by the models.

Student Reviews

What photographers said about Matt's previous courses

What makes Matt stand apart from others is the clear way in which he communicates the essence of the poses, the process, the equipment to use, and the art of the resulting photographs.

Max, San Francisco.

The Hotel Photoshoot was awesome!  The “fly on the wall” format was very educational to see how you interacted with the model.  I also appreciated how interactive you are with the model-she had some great input on the creative aspects of the shoot.  This is a great course for photographers, as well as  models who want to improve their posing.

Jon, Toronto.

This is a very well set out course. I like the rapport between you and the model as it shows how a shoot can be relaxed and professional. The different options shown with regard to focal length and aperture was also very helpful. Good job.

Saalik, Western Australia

Matt is an excellent teacher, starting the lessons from the basics and building to advanced. 

Cliff, Philadelphia.

Your video series was amazing and really help me understand how to respect and make the model feel comfortable. I now also feel more confident with lighting. 

Johnie - New York

Matt provides unconditional access to the studio and the models whilst stepping us through his successful methods and processes to getting the best results in camera. Truly tip top and educational photographic fun!

Connor, Oslo.

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