Join Matt & Steph on this real life nude portrait shoot and see what really goes down.

PLEASE NOTE - this course includes full nudity. Whilst it is artistic in nature, it is intended for a mature adult audience.

MSRP $147 - sale $73.50 - ends soon!

In this 18+ shoot we show you how to:

- find cool spots to shoot in a simple home location,
- complete the full body painting process,
- how to tastefully pose for a slim figure,
- making DIY props and accessories,
- how to use available light for dramatic results,
- how to add off camera flash to create the light you need
- how to simplify a messy scene for dramatic results, and
- How to simply edit the images for maximum impact
- Complete equipment list included.


Finding the Shot & Creating Atmosphere

This entire photoshoot came together when I recognised a cool potential spot to shoot, in a kitchen! Seeing the potential it offered, and the props we had available, I thought out the concept and crafted this image in my mind, before explaining it to the team. 

With simple manual strobes, some colored gels and a lot of elbow grease, we created these images in an afternoon. Recognising the potential a space offers is the first step to creating a dramatic location portrait. 

Despite appearances, this whole shoot was lit with simple and inexpensive equipment. 

The flashes used are all simple manual units operating via optical slave mode. The gels used were simple eBay items, and the entire make up process was done ourselves.

  • Hands on Body Painting

    We created the entire look ourselves - from make up, to body paint, to costume and accessories.

  • Creative Lighting

    This shoot took place in a kitchen! We used the lights of the balcony as bokeh, and created dramatic light on her with flashes and canned atmosphere.

  • Editing Process

    As well as the complete planning, preparation, painting and shooting process; this course also includes the complete editing process.

Complete Start to Finish

This is a true ‘Start to Finish’ course. From explaining the concept, to the first brush stroke, set up and lighting adjustments, posing refinement all the way through to editing - we show you it all.

I walk you through my favorite images and explain subtle variations, and then show you how I quickly edit the top images for maximum impact.

* Please note - whilst this is not sexual in nature, it does contain full nudity and it is intended for a mature audience and is NSFW.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Maleficent - Body Paint Photo shoot

    • Maleficent part 1

    • Maleficent part 2

    • Maleficent part 3

    • Maleficent part 4