2021 Posing Guide

Featuring 2 fantastic models

This course shows you over two hundred pose variation variations, with specific advice on how to get your model into the pose, and the variations you will need to consider. It includes a 200 page PDF showing full shooting information for on shoot reference, and a dual camera angle video showing the actual shooting process.

PLEASE NOTE: Stills and video vary from implied to full nude - intended for an adult audience. 

Watch Intro Video


Brand new for 2021

The video is 2 hours long and covers over 200 pose variations. It contains both location audio giving direction to models, and voice over for deeper explanations. 

We show a variety of techniques for revealing and concealing body parts including shadow placement, lens angle and micro adjustment of poses.

This course is educational and artistic in nature. It is not intended as any kind of pornographic entertainment.

We show how to reveal and conceal using posing, lighting, camera angles and the use of covers. Whilst this is artistic in nature and not gratuitous, it  is intended for a mature audience. The shoots vary from partially clothed, small privacy covers to fully nude.  

The accompanying PDF is 200 pages long and suitable to take to your shoot to assist in guiding the model, and providing shooting information and lighting examples. 

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction & Overview

  • 2


    • Steph - Seated Poses

    • Steph - Floor Poses

    • Steph - Standing Poses

  • 3


    • Johanna - Seated Poses

    • Johanna - Standing Poses

    • Johanna - Floor Poses

  • 4

    Look Book - PDF Guide

    • PDF Reference Guide

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