Model Felicia is back!

For our most creative shoot yet!

Finding THE SHOT in a small home location is not easy - but the challenge can yield some really creative results. The clutter in a living room may be messy - but it could also work as a great prop, a foreground or background element, or be simply framed out of shot.

The presence of mirrors can be challenging, but with careful posing and angles, you can create some cool multifaceted images that take advantage of them.

In this 10-part 95 minute 4k video series we show beginner photographers how to identify potential shooting locations in a small home, how to pair outfits and poses to each location, and how to select the best angles and focal lengths to create clean and inventive portraits.

Throughout the shoot we take advantage of the available window light, make adjustments to turn nasty overhead lighting into an asset, and also add simple off camera lighting to the shot for dramatic results.

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"I REALLY appreciated being able to watch the parallel processes in action. And am pleased that you've taken pains to include the progression of the collaboration in model/posing and camera/lighting "finessing" of the shots... starting here and ending up here. 

Felicia is an experienced model - which was helpful for all of us and it's a wonderful source for poses that work - especially for those of us who don't have a lot of posed portrait experience."

David, Terrace BC

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction, Apartment Tour and Outfits

    • Introduction, Apartment Tour and Outfits

  • 2

    Small Bedroom - Angles & Reflections

    • Small Bedroom - Angles & Reflections

  • 3

    Use the Window!

    • Use the Window!

  • 4

    Dining room table + Mirrors

    • Dining room table + Mirrors

  • 5

    Dining Room Continued

    • Wig and spotlights

  • 6

    Using a painting for background

    • Using a painting for background

  • 7

    Painting continued

    • Continuous light and angles

  • 8

    Refining Sofa Shots

    • Refining Sofa Shots

  • 9

    Felicias Shot Concept

    • Models conceptual photo idea

  • 10


    • Conclusion

Felicia is an experienced nude model and she takes confident and revealing poses. This course is uncensored and contains full nudity.

This is not, however, intended to be pornographic entertainment. It is a professional photographic tutorial teaching photographers and models alike, how to create artistic nude images in a normal home environment.

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