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Steph as you've never seen her!

This is a Fetish, Kink, bondage, leather and BDSM photoshoot shot in the bedroom as well as against a paper backdrop. Steph models with accessories like handcuffs, whips, masks and leatherwear. 

Matt shows you how to create erotically charged images, how to sculpt the models body with light, outfit choices and posing, how to shoot with different light options to create dramatic results. 

The exact contents are to be confirmed, as we are still editing. The  run time is 1 hour 45 minutes & it is filmed with 2 video angles and we show you the entire shooting process.

In the bedroom we use the available light and furniture to craft the images, and in studio we use flashes, coloured gels and light accessories to craft specific light patterns.

As well as the videos, this course includes a PDF with links to all the outfits, equipment and props used so you can recreate it yourself.

The course is Now Live - ready to stream and download immediately.

PAYMENT - PayPal charges us double the fees of Stripe. I would appreciate if you use Stripe to grab this course.

The images we create are erotic and sexually charged, kinky and playful.

This is not, however, intended to be pornographic entertainment. It is a professional photographic tutorial teaching photographers and models alike, how to create awesome Fetish themed images.


"The Kink photoshoot was excellent.  What I most appreciated was that Matt had a general plan for the shoot but was quickly able to modify that plan in response to conditions occurring within the shoot. 

Steph is a wonderful model who is able to gracefully implement the poses that Matt thinks of.  I especially like the comfort level between Matt and Steph - their friendship and their senses of humor are great!"

Gonzalo del Rosario, Los Angeles USA

"While I have been practicing art nude photography for over 30 years, I never ventured into they “kinky” side of things. This course inspired me to try “stylishly kinky” shoots. 

No humans would be harmed in the process, but the look and feel of BSDM elements would stylize the shots. I got great results on the first attempt! Thanks, Matt and Steph!"

Dave, Chicago USA

"This is an outstanding, comprehensive training video from start to finish. I loved the rapport and interaction with Steph, the professional model, and establishing the concept and essential ground rules from the start-making everyone comfortable.

The various lighting, background types, angles selected and poses, costumes, and props were well selected, varied, and complemented the gorgeous model and provided excellent skin tones and mood.  Very Well Done, and highly recommended tutorial for both boudoir  models and photographers!"

 Richard Bryant, CPP

"I want to congratulate you on your Kinky Fetish Photography course. The subject is not normally my domain, but your introductory video made me curious.

And you and Steph presented this subject in such a way that it didn't come across as dirty or pornographic in any way. You guys managed to walk that fine line perfectly. It was erotic and sexy, yes! But in no way vulgar. Chapeau!"

Cornel, Odenthal, Germany

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