The Art of Shibari

Shibari originated from Hojo-jutsu during the mid 1400’s, when Japanese warriors popularised ‘quick capture’ techniques, using rope to restrain enemies on the battlefield.

Over the subsequent 500 years it has morphed from law enforcement to a form of modern day art and erotica.

Modern rope bondage is properly called Kinbaku (Kinbaku-bi literally translates as “the beauty of tight binding”).

Central to Shibari art is creating patterns that contrast and complement the natural curves of the body. The beauty lies in juxtaposition: bare skin against rough rope, strength against exposure, calm stillness alongside restraint and risk.

This uncensored 4K course runs for over 13 hours and teaches you how to tie for artistic as well as pleasure purposes, and how to craft and capture beautiful Shibari photographs.


You will learn...

  • The Fundamentals

    Join Matt, Steph and expert Shibari Instructor Valentine, as Matt learns all the fundamentals of rope bondage.

    With Steph as his partner, Matt learns how to safely and comfortably create dazzling rope patterns on Steph.

  • Hands On

    Having learnt the fundamentals and practiced extensively, Matt works with 5 models to create distinct Shibari images with more complex rope patterns. Resulting in images that range from artistic and serene, to vibrant and loud, to sensual and erotic.

  • Lead with Vision

    Leading a creative team takes confidence and skill.

    Matt works with 5 different models bringing together complex themed shoots with particular images in mind. He teaches you how to communicate with your model, how to tie the knots in detail, and how to photograph them effectively.

  • Safety

    Shibari comes with risks, and everyone on the team needs to be aware, careful and consenting.

    Safety is paramount - a higher priority that making the shot. We teach you areas to avoid, where not to knot, and much more. Before getting started you must take the time to learn the correct + Safe way.

  • Consent

    Whether for photos or for play, consent is always required. Everyone must clearly understand and agree to the Shibari process and goals.

  • Aftercare

    Shibari can be an intense experience, for the model and the person tying. Understanding and communicating what kind of post rope care you each require is an important part of the process and will lead to more satisfying sessions.

Hands on instruction

The Art & Craft of Rope Bondage

Whether you want to learn how to photograph styled, classic art nude portraits; how to tie elaborate rope bondage; or both - this course teaches you everything you need to get started.

Starting from zero, you will learn all the fundamental ties, techniques and tricks to create beautiful rope creations whilst exuding confidence and creating a comfortable atmosphere on set.

You then join Matt on a series of themed photoshoots with 5 different models, creating fine art nude portraits that incorporate Shibari Rope Bondage.

You will learn how to:

- Confidently tie rope on the human body

- Direct poses for maximum impact

- Create elegant, sensual, erotic and fine-art nude portraits

- Work with the available lighting conditions to craft dramatic images, adding continuous light and flash when needed.

- Edit to a theme and create a cohesive series of images.

Fine Art Nude Portraiture

Art + Craft

Shibari is a perfect blend of Art and Craft. Yes, to many it is also an erotic act of bondage, but as form creative expression it combines the visual and aesthetic elements of traditional visual arts, with the hands on and tactile nature of craft. 

The ropes are simultaneously shaping and sculpting the body, accentuating and lifting, whilst taking on a structural and textile nature. They are restraint and outfit. Reinforcing and supporting. Sculpting and sensual.

And that's only half of it! Having created a beautiful design specific to your subjects body and curves, the job then moves to creating a scene where all the elements work together. 

In this series we show how to get the best results possible with the available light, and when to add in additional light to craft the specific image you have in mind.

  • 13+ hours of 4K video!

    This comprehensive program teaches you everything you need to get started in Shibari. We discuss equipment, technique and show close ups of the entire tying process.

    You see the location scouting, shot list creation, establishing consent and working with the model - plus all the photography instruction

  • Couples Play

    Shibari Art with a model, and Erotic Bondage with a partner requires a completely different approach.

    We have a dedicated hotel section demonstrating bondage ties that are fast and effective for private fun, as opposed to beautiful images - see below...

  • Bonus Downloads

    The program includes 12 high resolution RAW files and editing presets to work with.

    You also get a complete gear guide with links to all of the equipment used in the course so you can replicate shoots yourself.


  • Does the course include full nudity?

    This course is intended for a mature audience, includes full nudity and is uncensored. Each shoot is different - sometimes the rope is tied above clothing or lingerie, others are topless and others are fully nude.

  • What models are included?

    I shoot with 5 models in this course.

    * Steph Pham is my model as I learn Shibari

    * Model Kitty is shot in a Japanese themed studio

    * El is shot in both a Cyber Punk room and a bondage dungeon

    * Felicia is tied in an elegant traditional Ryokan

    * Honey is shot in a 1970s style saloon, and

    * Felicia is shot again in a hotel room, demonstrating bondage ties designed for 'couples play' activity.

  • Are the shoots all new, or recycled?

    This program is 100% brand new content. I shot this throughout 2023 specifically to make this course.

  • What exactly is included?

    The course consists of over 13 hours of 4k video that you will be able to stream via the website, or download each file to your device to watch offline, once the course launches.

    You also get a collection of 12 RAW files to work on, and 12 editing presets.

  • What are the terms of sale?

    You can check out the full terms of sale here:

Student Reviews

What photographers said about Matt's previous courses

What makes Matt stand apart from others is the clear way in which he communicates the essence of the poses, the process, the equipment to use, and the art of the resulting photographs.

Max, San Francisco.

The Hotel Photoshoot was awesome!  The “fly on the wall” format was very educational to see how you interacted with the model.  I also appreciated how interactive you are with the model-she had some great input on the creative aspects of the shoot.  This is a great course for photographers, as well as  models who want to improve their posing.

Jon, Toronto.

This is a very well set out course. I like the rapport between you and the model as it shows how a shoot can be relaxed and professional. The different options shown with regard to focal length and aperture was also very helpful. Good job.

Saalik, Western Australia

Matt is an excellent teacher, starting the lessons from the basics and building to advanced. 

Cliff, Philadelphia.

Your video series was amazing and really help me understand how to respect and make the model feel comfortable. I now also feel more confident with lighting. 

Johnie - New York

Matt provides unconditional access to the studio and the models whilst stepping us through his successful methods and processes to getting the best results in camera. Truly tip top and educational photographic fun!

Connor, Oslo.

Course curriculum

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    Sample Files

    • Evaluation Images

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