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Complete Start to Finish

This is a true ‘Start to Finish’ course. From explaining the concept, to the first piece of tape, set up and lighting adjustments, posing refinement all the way through to editing - we show you it all.

We shoot in two different hotel rooms, and create different patterns on each side of her body for variation. We also shoot outdoors and apply oil to her skin for a sexy and dramatic natural light shoot.

* Please note - whilst this is not sexual in nature, it does contain full nudity and it is intended for a mature audience and is NSFW.

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In this 18+ shoot we show you how to:

- find cool spots to shoot in a hotel,
- complete the full tape application process,
- how to tastefully pose for a slim figure,
- applying oil and pose adjustments,
- how to use simple light for dramatic results,
- how to simplify a messy scene for dramatic results, and
- Complete equipment list included.

Creating the 'wardrobe' and the shot

This entire photoshoot took place in one morning, in a hotel room in Manhattan. 

Steph and I both love bringing in creative and crafty elements to our shoots, and thought this DIY, home made style black tape shoot would be a fun challenge. We bought a bunch of different tapes, experimented with what looked best - and went for it!

You join us for the entire creative process, including the full tape application, discussion of posing and how to make use of the colors in the room, lighting and shooting.

  • Hands on Body Craft

    We created the entire look ourselves - from make up, to cutting and applying the tape and accessories.

  • Creative Shot Making

    This shoot took place in a hotel room! We used the lights of the room as well as the gaudy wallpaper to create some interesting effects. I added in additional lighting as needed.

  • Complete Start to Finish

    You will learn everything you need to replicate this kind of shoot yourself. As well as the complete planning, craft, painting and shooting process; this course also includes the complete tape application process.

Join us on the start to finish photoshoot

From planning the look, figuring out the craft aspect, applying the tape and the full shoot

PLEASE NOTE - this course includes full nudity. Whilst it is artistic in nature, it is intended for a mature adult audience.