Decadent Victorian Theme Photoshoot

Decadence: excessive indulgence in pleasure & luxury...

This complete start to finish photoshoot includes over 3 hours of 4K video content, RAW Files and editing presets. You join us for the entire process of selecting outfits, poses and locations to shoot, the entire shooting process, and the editing of 12 key images.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is uncensored - the program is intended for a mature adult audience. 

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Brand new and unseen!

Featuring new model Natalie

This start-to-finish photoshoot runs for over 3 hours, and brings you along to fully experience behind the scenes of an artistic + erotic Victorian themed photoshoot.

I demonstrate how to get sensual results using the props and lights available in the room. And crucially, you get to listen in to the whole shooting process as we build rapport and craft poses that are sensual and erotic whilst maintaining a comfortable and professional atmosphere on the shoot.

In this course you will learn:

- How to communicate with your model to ensure a comfortable and professional shoot

- How to use available props and lighting to create dramatic images

- How to vary the poses to go from implied, to nude to erotically charge the results

- How to identify potential locations and backgrounds for shots

- How to use both available and added light to create sensual portraits.


Meet Natalie - a fantastic Los Angeles based model who stars in this artistic and sensual nude shoot.

From outfit selection, scouting locations, directing the model and refining the shot, you join us for the entire shooting process.

The program also includes real time editing of a dozen files, a dozen raw files and an accompanying PDF outlining the equipment and outfits used to capture the images.

Everything you need to undertake your own stylised art nude photoshoot.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction - Outfits and Location Overview

    • Outfits and Location Overview pt1

    • Outfits and Location Overview pt2

    • Outfits and Location Overview pt3

  • 2

    Mirror & Dressing table shoot

    • Mirror & Dressing table shoot pt1

    • Mirror & Dressing table shoot pt2

    • Mirror & Dressing table shoot pt3

    • Mirror & Dressing table shoot pt4

  • 3

    Tea Time

    • Tea Time pt1

    • Tea Time pt2

    • Tea Time pt3

  • 4

    Sexy Bunny & Black Lingerie

    • Bunny & Black lingerie pt1

    • Bunny & Black lingerie pt2

    • Bunny & Black lingerie pt3

  • 5

    Victorian Bedroom

    • Victorian Bedroom pt1

    • Victorian Bedroom pt2

  • 6

    Photo Editing

    • Victorian Photo Editing pt1

    • Victorian Photo Editing pt2

    • Victorian Photo Editing pt3

    • Victorian Photo Editing pt4

    • Victorian Photo Editing pt5

    • Victorian Photo Editing pt6

    • Victorian Photo Editing pt7

    • Victorian Photo Editing pt8

    • Victorian Photo Editing pt9

    • Victorian Photo Editing pt10

    • Victorian Photo Editing pt11

    • Victorian Photo Editing pt12

  • 7

    Editing Presets

    • Victorian Editing Presets

  • 8

    RAW Files

    • Raw Sample files

  • 9

    Equipment & Wardrobe Guide

    • Equipment & Wardrobe Guide


"The Hotel Photoshoot was awesome!  The “fly on the wall” format was very educational to see how you interacted with the model.  I also appreciated how interactive you are with the model-she had some great input on the creative aspects of the shoot.  This is a great course for photographers, as well as  models who want to improve their posing."

Jon Clarke, Toronto, Canada

"The hotel photoshoot was revealing for me. The model itself is marvelous. Because she is so confident about her body, she knows immediately how to pose and make the right curves for a perfect picture. What I also liked in this shoot is that Matt is going more in depth regarding lighting techniques. Perfectly done. Looking forward to other shoots with the same education level."

Yannick from Belgium

"This is a very well set out course. I like the rapport between you and Felicia as it shows how a shoot can be relaxed and professional. The different options shown with regard to focal length and aperture was also very helpful. Good job."

 Saalik, Western Australia

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