Creative Road Trip

Exotic location portraits

Join Suki and Matt on a 3 day road trip into the California Desert! We shoot at an abandoned theme park, an inland sea, an in all kinds of desert landscapes. The shot concepts are inspired by classic sensual editorial and commercial photography a la Vogue Italia - focussing on swimwear, lingerie and implied nudes.
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Collaboration = Inspiration

Brand New Format

There is no better way to get the creative juices flowing that taking on a collaborative project with other creative people. That was the starting point for this 3 day road trip into the desert.

In this 5 hour course you will join Matt, model Suki & videographer Jonathan behind the scenes for the entire trip. It of course focusses on photography instruction, but it also includes the road trip adventure and fun as well as planning, packing , BTS footage and image editing.

The primary goal on this trip was to have an adventure and create cool editorial and commercial style images whilst exploring the desert. We had a rough timeline and decided on the shoot locations, outfits and creative options collectively.

You will learn how to:

- Identify locations and execute location portraits quickly

- Direct poses for maximum impact

- Create sensual magazine quality portraits

- Work with the available lighting conditions to craft dramatic images

- Plan and prepare for an intensive shoot/trip

- work with a creative team

- Pack, plan and execute a complex trip with minimal equipment

Realistic Behind The Scenes

The 3 day road trip takes us from Los Angeles out into the desert, and back again. We shoot at all times of day, in vastly different locations - all in sweltering heat. 

You join us for the planning, travel, shooting and edit. I also show you the shots that didn't work out as I wanted  - as there are important lessons in failure.

We shoot:

- In hard sun, shadow, sunset and twilight

- A variety of outfits including swimwear, lingerie and nude

- Using a minimal kit - mostly a single camera and zoom lens, sometimes with on camera flash

- Fast! Given the heat and the variety of locations we wanted, we focus on finding the best scene and outfit, working with the available light and getting the shot quickly.

- With publication in mind - whilst some shoots are done nude, our final images tastefully hide nipples and privates, so they can be shared and published on all channels.

We show how to reveal and conceal using posing, lighting, camera angles and the use of covers. 

The package includes over a dozen raw image files, a brand new set of editing presets and a PDF list of all equipment and outfits used.

Comprehensive Program

Go beyond superficial tutorials - join us start to finish

  • 5.5 hours of 4K video

    This comprehensive program goes beyond simple fly on the wall filming. You see the Behind the scenes of planning, establishing timelines, creating consensus - plus all the photography instruction

  • Full photography immersion

    Learn how to create great images fast - even in these crazy weather conditions. You see the entire shooting process, including editing and my workflow.

  • Bonus Downloads

    The program includes 30 high resolution RAW files and 20 editing presets to work with. You also get a PDF guide with links to all the equipment used, and the outfits Suki wears.

Student Reviews

I really enjoyed the laid back casual style/vibe of this photographic adventure. You can get some real tips on how to lead your own photo excursion, while gaining insights on how to photography models under such intense conditions, edit your images and come away with some great photos. Hands down one of my favorite courses from Matt Granger.

Joel Charbonnet.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction & Overview

  • 2

    Day 1

    • Part 1 - Meeting the Team

    • Part 2 - The road trip begins

  • 3

    Day 2

    • Part 1 - Early start

    • Part 2 - Exploring the Theme Park

    • Part 3 - Test shots

    • Part 4 - Water Fountain

    • Part 5 - Correcting Lens Distortion

    • Part 6 - Sexy Gold Bikini

    • Part 7 - Metallic Silver swimwear

    • Part 8 - Floral Lingerie + Grunge

    • Part 9 - Juicy Fruits

    • Part 10 - Fashion in the pool

    • Part 11 - Lazy River catwalk

    • Part 12 - Racing the clock

    • Part 13 - Sunset at the beach

    • Part 14 - Last Pastel Light

  • 4

    Day 3

    • Part 1 - Nature Hike

    • Part 2 - Old Americana

    • Part 3 - Wood Pile

    • Part 4 - Tree House

    • Part 5 - Nude in Nature

    • Part 6 - Micro Bikini

    • Part 7 - Making Lemonade

  • 5


    • Editing Introduction

    • Editing 2

    • Editing 3

    • Editing 4

    • Editing 5

    • Editing 6

    • Editing 7

    • Editing 8

    • Editing 9

    • Editing 10

    • Editing 11

    • Editing 12

    • Editing 13

    • Editing 14

    • Editing 15

    • Editing 16

  • 6


    • Equipment and Outfits

    • Images

    • Editing Presets

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