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New fine art nude ebooks every month

The Members Only Library is a curated collection of e-books that span my career. Each book focusses on a single photoshoot.

They are primarily focussed on the imagery, but do include an overview of the shoot, equipment used, funny memories and stories.

Photos include polished final images as well as outtakes, alternate images and unseen work.

Upcoming releases

* OnlyFans Star E-Book - NOW LIVE!

* First Time couple - NOW LIVE.

* Body Scapes - NOW LIVE.

* Dancer Mel - NOW LIVE.

* Felicia + Ropes - NOW LIVE.

* BDSM 🍯 😈🪢⛓🙇🔞 - NOW LIVE!

* Next E-Book - Goes live late August.
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Opening the archives

Having shot art nude portraits for well over a decade, I have a huge collection of images in archive. Often a complete shoot will yield dozens of good images - but only 1 or 2 end up in a book or print. Now you have access to the full archives!

  • The e-books range from 20-50 images, each presented 1 image per page,

  • E-books are presented in high resolution PDF - download to any device,.

  • Indoor, outdoor, women, men, couples and group shoots,

  • Shoots range from editorial implied nudes, to full art nude, body scapes & close ups as well as erotica.

  • 8 e-books are now live - 2 more will be added in September

  • Cancel any time - no lock in contracts

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Volume 1 - Sensual European Model in NYC

    • Indoor photoshoot with buxom model

  • 2

    Volume 2 - Cosplay Group shoot in Peru

    • Playful outdoor group nude shoot

  • 3

    Volume 3 - Art + Erotic shoot in Hong Kong

    • Fine art and erotic bodyshots

  • 4

    Volume 4 - Editorial + Nude shoot Brooklyn NYC

    • Body paint and editorial style nudes

  • 5

    Volume 5 - Group nude in London

    • Nude in central London

  • 6

    Volume 6 - BDSM Shoot

    • Sexy bondage shoot in Hong Kong

  • 7

    Volume 7 - Implied nudes with Kay

    • Hotel photoshoot with Kay

  • 8

    Volume 8 - Pole Dance Nudes

    • Art Nudes with Dancer Tessa

  • 9

    Steph Pham - Various Works

    • Volume 9 - Steph Pham

  • 10

    Shibari Rope Bondage

    • Volume 10. Shibari Rope Bondage

  • 11

    Dancer Collection

    • Volume 11. Dancer Collection

  • 12

    Erotic Hotel Shoot

    • Volume 12. Hard Light Hotel Shoot

  • 13

    Volume 13 - Nude in Public - Now Live!

    • Volume 13 - Nude in Public

  • 14

    Volume 14. Kay Alison - Collected works

    • Volume 14. Kay Alison - Collected works

  • 15

    Volume 15. One day in Vegas

    • Volume 15

  • 16

    Volume 16. S&M Love Hotel

    • Volume 16. S&M Love Hotel

  • 17

    Volume 17. Beach Couple

    • Volume 17. Beach Couple

  • 18

    Volume 18. Horse Farm

    • Volume 18. Horse Farm

  • 19

    Volume 19. Pepper

    • Volume 19. Pepper

  • 20

    Volume 20. Activist & scholar

    • Volume 20. Activist & scholar

  • 21

    Volume 21. Real couple home shoot

    • Volume 21. Real couple home shoot

  • 22

    Volume 22. OnlyFans Star

    • Volume 22. OnlyFans Star

  • 23

    Volume 23. First time couple shoot

    • Volume 23. First time couple shoot

  • 24

    Volume 24. Mia

    • Volume 24. Mia

  • 25

    Volume 25. Body Scapes

    • Volume 25. Body Scapes

  • 26

    Volume 26. Dancer Mel

    • Volume 26. Dancer Mel

  • 27

    Volume 27. Felicia + Ropes

    • Volume 27. Felicia + Ropes

  • 28

    Volume 28. BDSM 🍯 😈🪢⛓🙇🔞

    • Volume 28. BDSM 🍯 😈🪢⛓🙇🔞


  • Why Subscribe to the Members Library?

    You get access to Matt's 15 year archive of art nude portraiture all around the world - for only $18 per month after joining. You can cancel any time

  • How does the Library work?

    This is the first monthly subscription option I have ever offered. I resisted doing Patreon etc as I want to ensure I have a quality product to provide - rather than just getting support in kind. I have started the library with 8 fine art ebooks. Each month 2 new ebooks will be added to the library. When you subscribe you will have access to the entire library of e-books available at that time, and if you choose to leave, you will no longer have access to the library from that date forward.

  • Can I download the e-books?

    Yes - each e-book is a standalone PDF, that focusses on a single photoshoot or theme. You can view it online, or you can download it to view later.

  • Can I cancel any time?

    Yes. I would love to have you stay with us longer term - but you are free to end the membership at any time.

  • What happens if I cancel my membership?

    The subscription is either active or inactive - meaning subscribers will have access to every e-book that is currently in the library, and non subscribers have no access. We do not have a way to give access to only some e-books. So if you cancel, you will no longer be able to view the ebooks in your dashboard.

  • Are the images censored?

    No - the images are not blurred or censored. We believe the body is nothing to be ashamed of, and the ebooks are intended as a source of artistic inspiration.

  • Are there explicit images?

    Yes. Each photoshoot is different, so each ebook is different. The books range from implied, small flashes of nipples and genitals, through to fine art nude, close ups and erotic imagery. The works are artistic, but should be considered NSFW.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    It's easy. Visit your Dashboard > Billing > Subscriptions - you can cancel there at any time. You have full control over your subscription. It renews based on the date of subscription, not the first of the month. Partial month subscriptions will not be refunded.

  • Tell me about the Membership Joining Fee

    The library fee is split into two parts - a one- off joining fee of $50, and a monthly subscription fee of $18. If you are already saved a credit card to your account and want to update it to subscribe to the library, visit My Account > Billing. Please note - if you cancel your subscription and then start again later - you will have to pay the membership fee again. The best value option is to join now - and stay subscribed!