Join Matt & Jo on this real life nude portrait shoot and see what really goes down.

In this shoot we show you how to:

Find cool spots to shoot in a simple hotel room, how to tastefully pose for a curvy figure, how to use available light for dramatic results, how to add simple on camera flash to create the light you need, how to simplify a messy scene for dramatic results, and how to simply edit the images for maximum impact “I want to demystify this process and let people get a first person perspective of how to interact with the model, how to find locations to shoot, create beautiful light and pose the model to create stunning images that both you and the model LOVE.” Matt

Course curriculum

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    Start to Finish

    • Johanna - part 1 - Introduction

    • Johanna - part 2 - Location Scouting

    • Johanna - part 3 - Lingerie Bodysuits

    • Johanna - part 4 - Lingerie & Implied

    • Johanna - part 5 - Bedroom

    • Johanna - part 6 - Bathtub

    • Johanna - part 7 - Editing Part 1

    • Johanna - part 8 - Editing part 2