• Hands on Craft

    We created the entire look ourselves - from finding the pose and angle, creating the light and applying the hot wax.

  • Creative Shot Making

    One shoot took place in a busy living room and the other in studio. I show how to craft dramatic light in difficult situations, using both flash and continuous light sources.

  • Complete Start to Finish

    You will learn everything you need to replicate this kind of shoot yourself. As well as the complete planning, craft, wax application and shooting process; this course also includes the complete wax melting and application process.

Complete Start to Finish Photoshoots

Filmed in Multi-camera 4K

This is a true ‘Start to Finish’ course. From explaining the concept, set up and lighting adjustments, posing refinement all the way through the wax application - we show you it all.

We shoot in two different locations with 2 different models. We show how using different candles creates different results and a variety of techniques to make the process less uncomfortable for the model.

* Please note - whilst this is not sexual in nature, it does contain full nudity and it is intended for a mature audience and is NSFW.

Join us on these start to finish photoshoots

From planning the look, figuring out the craft aspect, applying the hot wax and the full shoot

PLEASE NOTE - this course includes full nudity.

The shooting process involves the model being bent over in front of the camera for an extended period of time.

Whilst it is artistic in nature, it is intended for a mature adult audience.