One Week in Bangkok

Welcome to Thailand for a new style of photography course that focusses on creative location portraiture!

What could be better than taking a vacation to a beautiful part of the world, exploring a new culture, experiencing new things - and at the same time collaborating with local models for creative art nude photoshoots?

Matt will show you how to research and plan a trip, including location scouting, contacting models, and planning travel ahead of time, then the entire process of identifying shots and executing the entire photo shooting process.

This comprehensive + uncut course does not hold back. Matt provides all the information needed for you to plan photoshoots abroad, and how to capture stunning art nude portraits.
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You will learn how to...

  • Identify Locations

    Whether you are in a plain location with 'few options', or an ornate setting with 'too many options', knowing how to identify a great frame to create an engaging portrait can be challenging. Matt shows you how to identify potential shots, create a shot list, and execute it.

  • Direct the model

    It takes skill and confidence to lead a creative team - especially in a foreign location when a language barrier may exist.

    Matt demonstrates how to interact with the model and direct pose refinements to create the most sensual final images.

  • Plan a Creative Trip

    As a photographer, adding artistic collaborations is an awesome way to add value to a vacation.

    Matt has been shooting internationally for almost 15 years, and in this program he runs you through how to plan and execute a series of photoshoots on the road.

Real World instruction

Creative Portraiture - On location

Whether you are heading specifically to Bangkok and wanting to emulate my shoots exactly; you're heading to another city away from home; or you simply want to see what it takes to plan and execute a series of creative collaborations - This course is for you.

You will learn how to:

- Plan and execute photo shoots whether local or abroad

- Direct poses for maximum impact

- Create a variety of images ranging from elegant to sensual, erotic to fine-art 

- Work with the available lighting conditions to craft dramatic images, adding continuous light and flash when needed.

* Please note - whilst this is not sexual in nature, it does contain full uncensored nudity and it is intended for a mature audience and is not suitable for work.

Location Nude Portraiture

Logistics and Creativity

There is something inspiring about being in a new city. Things look, smell, taste and sound different. It can be a great motivator to get out and create new imagery.

I have been travelling to Thailand for over 20 years, and have had the pleasure of shooting with many local models.  And the variety of locations and looks you can create in a short space of time is unbeaten.

I can honestly say that the models in the course are among the best I have shot with anywhere in the world. Like the rest of the country - hiring locations and experienced models is a relative bargain by international standards. 

It is wonderful to be able to get amazing hotels and studios at a fraction of the price they may cost back home, and to be able to pay models above their standard shooting rates, and it still be a bargain for the experience and quality of work they bring to the shoot.

  • 10+ hours of 4K video!

    Join Matt as he shoots with a series of professional art nude models based in Bangkok. Over one week we shot with 7 different models on 6 different shoots.

    Each shoot is designed to play to the strengths of the model and take advantage of the opportunities each location presents.

  • Complete Guide

    This comprehensive course covers all aspects of the shooting process; from planning, finding locations, contacting models, shoot logistics, as well as the entire shoot.

    Matt brings you along as he discusses shot ideas, explores the location, seeks agreement with the models, as well as the entire creative shooting process.

  • Bonus Downloads

    The program includes 12 high resolution RAW files for you to work with.

    You also get a complete gear guide with links to the camera equipment and accessories used, as well as a location guide and also contacts for the models. Everything you need to create your own art nude images.


  • Does the course include full nudity?

    This course is intended for a mature audience, includes full nudity and is uncensored. Each shoot is primarily shot nude, and many include some lingerie portions as well.

  • Are the shoots all new, or recycled?

    This program is 100% brand new content. I shot this throughout 2023 specifically to make this course.

  • What exactly is included?

    The course consists of over 10 hours of 4k video that you will be able to stream via the website, or download each file to your device to watch offline, once the course launches.

    You also get a collection of 12 RAW files to work on, a gear guide, location guide and model contact details.

  • What are the terms of sale?

    You can check out the full terms of sale here:

  • How does the pre-order sale work?

    The course is 78% off for the pre-order sale, however you have to wait until the official launch. The countdown timer at the top of the page shows when it will go live. At that time, the sale price will end, and the course will be available to stream or download in your dashboard.

  • Does the course have censorship, blurring or AI?

    No. The course is meant for a mature adult audience. It is designed as artistic and creative instruction, and includes full nudity.

    Blurring and AI has only been used when sharing images to platforms that do not allow nudity - like YouTube & Instgram.

Student Reviews

What photographers said about Matt's previous courses

What makes Matt stand apart from others is the clear way in which he communicates the essence of the poses, the process, the equipment to use, and the art of the resulting photographs.

Max, San Francisco.

The Hotel Photoshoot was awesome!  The “fly on the wall” format was very educational to see how you interacted with the model.  I also appreciated how interactive you are with the model-she had some great input on the creative aspects of the shoot.  This is a great course for photographers, as well as  models who want to improve their posing.

Jon, Toronto.

This is a very well set out course. I like the rapport between you and the model as it shows how a shoot can be relaxed and professional. The different options shown with regard to focal length and aperture was also very helpful. Good job.

Saalik, Western Australia

Matt is an excellent teacher, starting the lessons from the basics and building to advanced. 

Cliff, Philadelphia.

Your video series was amazing and really help me understand how to respect and make the model feel comfortable. I now also feel more confident with lighting. 

Johnie - New York

Matt provides unconditional access to the studio and the models whilst stepping us through his successful methods and processes to getting the best results in camera. Truly tip top and educational photographic fun!

Connor, Oslo.