Art Nude in Public

Over the past decade I have photographed hundreds of people for my Public Bodies series. In this brand new course I set up a series of real life nude in public shoots and I bring you along to see every step of the process.

Nine different models are featured in this course. Steph and Matt travel around Iceland shooting at a diverse range of locations with dramatic backdrops.

Model Reyna is shot in the lush tropical rain forests of northern Australia. Sensual and sassy Prai is photographed in an abandoned factory (an eventful shoot that saw a dog run away with her clothing and Matt step on a nail!)

Jojo braves busy Manhattan as we explore the island shooting in a variety of areas including 5th Avenue, Central Park, the subway and in the back of a Yellow Cab! In Downtown Las Vegas Matt and a model explore the old world glitz and glamor. Matt also heads out into the Nevada red rock desert during an extreme heat wave to shoot with model Jess.

Finally Matt heads out into the California desert with a male and female model to create sculptural and artistic duo images.


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You will learn how to...

  • Identify Locations

    Whether you are in a dramatic landscape, a busy city or a humid rain forest, knowing how to identify a great frame to create an engaging portrait can be challenging. Matt shows you how to identify potential shots, create a shot list, and execute it.

  • Direct the model

    It takes skill and confidence to lead a creative team.

    Matt demonstrates how to interact with the model and direct pose refinements to create the most sensual final images.

  • Edit Creatively

    The final step to creating a beautiful photograph is editing. In this series Matt edits 12 images in real time, showing you the complete process to finalise the image.

    You get access to the 12 sample files as well as 12 editing presets to use in your own workflow.

Diverse Locations

Universal Photography Principles

Throughout this course we shot in about as diverse a series of locations as you could imagine. We shoot Steph among Icebergs, in a field of flowers, at Europes most powerful waterfall, in meadows and lava fields. 

Other shoots are in desert heatwaves, in wide open plains, and in bustling New York City. We shoot in front of moving water, in the back of Yellow Taxi Cabs, walking down 5th Avenue Manhattan, and climbing trees in nature.

You will learn how to:

- Identify locations and execute location portraits quickly

- Direct poses for maximum impact

- Create elegant & sensual art nude portraits

- Work with the available lighting conditions to craft dramatic images

- Edit to a theme and create a cohesive series of images.

Nude Location Portraiture

This course is all about location portraiture - making the most of what is available and crafting images that fit your vision for the shoot. 

We sought out some spectacular locations, but the challenges we face, and the lessons Matt teaches are applicable to all forms of photography and all locations.

We shoot:

- Outdoors in hard sun, shade and dappled light

- Indoors in low light, backlight and diffused light

- Using a minimal kit - mostly a single camera and  lens

- Fast! Given the variety of locations we wanted, we focus on finding the best scene and outfit, working with the available light and getting the shot quickly.

The package includes a dozen raw image files, a brand new set of editing presets and a PDF list of all equipment as well as a bonus eBook Public Bodies.

  • 5+ hours of 4K video

    This comprehensive program goes beyond simple fly on the wall filming. You see the location scouting, shot list creation, establishing timelines, creating consensus - plus all the photography instruction

  • Full photography immersion

    Learn how to create great images fast - even when working fast.

    You see the entire shooting process, including editing and my workflow.

  • Bonus Downloads

    The program includes a dozen high resolution RAW files and 12 editing presets to work with. You also get a PDF guide with links to all the equipment used & a free copy of Public Bodies eBook.


  • How does the Pre-Sale work?

    The course goes live on 1 January 2023 - at that time it will be available to stream or download to view offline.

    The pre-sale gives people a huge discount to pre-order the course. The count down timer at the top of the page shows you when the course goes live, and the pre-sale discount ends.

  • Are the shoots all new, or recycled?

    This program is 100% brand new content. I shot this throughout 2023 specifically to make this course.

    Parts of it may look familiar because there are a couple of shoots with Steph in Iceland in the Bodyscapes course - but they are completely separate shoots.

    Everything you get in this course is brand new and never seen before.

  • What models are included?

    I shoot with 9 models in this course.

    * Steph Pham is shot all around Iceland

    * Model Jojo is shot in Manhattan

    * Reyna is shot in a tropical rain forest in Australia

    * Prai is shot in an abandoned warehouse

    * Deon is shot on a rooftop in busy Brooklyn

    * Jess is shot in the Nevada red rocks (during a heatwave!)

    * Tim & Ariel take a roadtrip into the California desert for Duo shots

    * Maggie explores historical downtown Vegas.

  • What exactly is included?

    The course consists of over 5 hours of 4k video that you can stream via the website, or download each file to your device to watch offline.

    You also get a collection of RAW files to work on, and a dozen editing presets.

    I am also including a copy of my 285 page eBook - Public Bodies.

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