You will learn how to...

  • Direct the model

    Small adjustments and variations have a big result on the final image.

    It takes skill and confidence to give clear & comfortable direction to your model that yields the exact image you are looking to create.

  • Control the light

    Creating sensual body scapes requires an understanding of how to manipulate and control light and shadow.

    Matt will show you how to carefully position light and shadow to 'reveal & conceal' in your image to vary the shot from abstract or implied, to erotic.

  • Edit Creatively

    The final step to creating a beautiful photograph is editing. In this series Matt edits images from each shoot in real time, showing you the complete process to finalise the image.

    You get access to sample files as well editing presets to use in your own workflow.

Nikon Expert Set up Guide

Set up your new Nikon Z camera like a pro. Understand the different features and save time in the field. Learn all the new features of the Z9!

    Over 20 units


    Over 8 Hours


    Suitable for all levels